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Transphase Technology LTD

Transphase Technology LTD introduces its advanced Z-Box steam box
design that offers a major improvement over competitive designs.
The new multiple Z-Plates, mounted in the machine direction, allows
the custom design of a steam diffuser with multiple applications of
steam in the MD direction to provide precise control of the steam
delivery from the CD zone to the web.

Excellent CD profiling on Fourdrinier boxes.
Excellent CD profiling on Press boxes.
Lower steam usage over other steam box designs.

The Patented Z-Plate Design:

Forces the steam into convergence with the paper, maximizing the exposure
of the sheet to steam while minimizing the ability for steam to spread in the
Allows steam exiting each CD zone to be closer to the sheet while remaining
mechanically protected from boundary air until it is within 0.375 inches
(10mm) of the sheet.
Provides for a well-defined CD zone with the correct velocity to reach the
sheet as a narrow zone without spreading; this is a major advancement
over all other designs for improved CD moisture control.
Z-Plates provide mechanical protection of the steam jets from fiber being
flung off suction rolls, allowing the steam box to be operated longer between
wash downs.

Transphase Technology Ltd
In January 2004, Transphase was reborn under the name of Transphase
Technology by Bob Hamel and Dave Sawley. Transphase introduced an improved,
patented version of the Transteamer to the marketplace called the Z-Box Steam
The new, patented diffuser design employs the Z-Plate technology to keep the
steam jets clean, move the steam jets to within 1.5 inches of the sheet and hold
the steam against the sheet with a convergence zone for improved condensing
rates and excellent CD profiling results. This design employs lower steam jet
velocity that produces a sharp CD bump response an does not disturb the sheet

Sobre Transphase:

Transphase la Tecnología Ltd es una empresa que se especializa en el diseño, la fabricación y el uso de caja avanzada de vapor diseñada para mejorar la transferencia térmica de una caja de vapor al web de papel o la prensa sentida.

Nuestra Caja de Vapor  de diseño patentado permite a fabricantes de papel mejorar la calidad de su producto reduciendo considerablemente la variación de humedad, reducir la energía usada en su fabricación o aumentar la producción.

Nuestro  tecnología permite maximizar las calidades de fin de papel como la suavidad y el lustre sin la inversión de capital sustancial.