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Pulptec™ Sensor Technology
MEK-2500 RotoForce™

The robust transmitt er off ering world-renown ed reliability

Rotating Shear Force Consistency Transmitter
BTG’s MEK-2500 is undisputedly the best known, best reputed consistency
transmitter on the market. With more than 25,000 delivered units, the
world’s most proven consistency transmitter ensures reliable process control
and final output quality in virtually every mill worldwide.
To ensure our customers always benefit from top performance, BTG has been
continuously refining and improving its patented rotating shear force technology
for more than 40 years. The technology now offers a MTBF* of 6.4
years (calculated over the last 10 years), and a lifetime generally exceeding
15 years.
BTG’s MEK series includes models designed for the most demanding applications,
handling consistencies from 1-16%. It is, quite simply, the most reliable
and versatile consistency transmitter on the market.

ACT-2500 AmpliForce™

The blade transmitter with a new sensing technology Amplitude Sensing Method

The ACT-2500 is an in-line blade transmitter for measuring the consistency
of pulp suspensions in the range of 1-4.5%. Based on a new technique
for consistency measurement that uses an active sensor oscillating at
its resonance frequency, it combines measurement of shear force and
viscoelastic properties to obtain higher sensitivity and better signal quality
than conventional blade consistency transmitters. The ACT-2500 combines a
high and dynamic sensitivity in the whole range to fiber consistency with a low
sensitivity to normal variations in fiber composition, freeness, conductivity,
air content, pressure etc.


The cost-effective alternative for less demanding applications
Moving Blade Consistency Transmitter
The MBT-2500 is an active type of in-line blade transmitter for measuring
consistency of pulp suspensions in the 1.5-8% range. It is based on the wellknown
MBT concept, which has been proven in over 15,000 delivered units.
The MBT-2500 uses the shear force principle to measure fiber consistency
with a reciprocating, active sensor. This ensures the transmitter has virtually
no sensitivity to normal variations in fiber composition, freeness, fillers,
conductivity, air content, pressure, etc.
The latest-model MBT-2500 has been further improved and refined to deliver
even better measurement results with reduced maintenance overhead.


High performance in toug h environments
Static Blade Consistency Transmitter
This robustly designed transmitter provides competitive performance in applications
where static blade transmitters are traditionally used. Thanks to
its sturdy construction it can withstand mechanical maltreatment better than
any other static blade transmitter on the market. Perfect for less critical applications
in the 1.5-16% consistency range. Features easy electrical connection
with 2-wire system.

TCT-2301 & 2302

The true tota l low consistency transmitter that can separat ely measure fibers and fillers

Total Consistency Transmitter
The TCT is the only true total low consistency transmitter specially developed
for consistency measurement at very low levels. Measuring from 0.01-3.5%
total consistency, and featuring technology based on BTG’s patented ‘Peak
Method’, the TCT is accurate across a wide range of pulping applications
regardless of the composition of the suspension, and is perfect for use with
recycled fibers. The TCT-2302 provides both total consistency and fine particle
consistency output signals.

TCR-2300 LaserPeak™

The true tota l mid-range consistency transmitter

Total Consistency Transmitter
BTG’s LaserPeak™ transmitter is a true total consistency transmitter which is
virtually insensitive to variations in fillers and fines content as well as changes
in fiber properties. Based on BTG’s patented ‘Peak Method’ for optical analysis,
its ability to handle consistency from 0.5-7% makes it suitable for use in
the stock preparation area in mechanical pulp processes as well as in a range
of other applications. It is ideal for mass flow control of LC refiners.

OCT-2300 Opticon®

Fast and accurat e in mechanical pulp applications

Optical Consistency Transmitter
Based on BTG’s patented electro-optical technology, this high durability
transmitter offers fast, accurate measurement in the 0.5-7% consistency
range, delivering precise results in standard installations. Ideal for specific
applications in mechanical pulp production, particularly when stock conditions
are kept constant. With low flow sensitivity and high consistency sensitivity,
the OCT-2300 is designed to complement other consistency transmitters in
the BTG family.

BT-5400 UV

The key to accurat e measurement of brightness, ERIC, color and fluorescence

Brightness Transmitter
The BT-5400 UV is the first inline sensor capable of measuring the traditional
parameters of brightness, color and ERIC plus the fluorescence resulting from
optical brighteners. A one-stop solution to the market trend towards higher
brightness requirements and the varying brightness of incoming recycled fiber
furnish, this transmitter offers a range of benefits in the control of kraft, mechanical,
DIP bleaching and the addition of optical brighteners on paper machines.


Ultimat e control and supervision of chemical residual

Residual Transmitter
A transmitter that accurately measures residual chemical levels in pulp
bleaching applications, the RT-5300 provides high accuracy and repeatability,
even under the most harsh conditions. Operator safe, due to integrated probe
retraction. Lightweight, small and compact, with a user-friendly interface.
Used together with BT-5400 UV, it is the cornerstone of a successful dual
sensor strategy.


The inline viscosity transmitter for demanding applications

Viscosity Transmitter
A reliable transmitter designed to measure viscosity in demanding applications
such as glue, slurries and coating. Also suitable for measurement
in applications outside the Pulp & Paper industry – sugar solutions, paint, oil
etc. Easy maintenance and simple installation.

Sobre BTG:
BTG es una de las empresas lideras a nivel mundial en la fabricación de instrumentos, sistemas y equipos de medición aplicables al proceso de fabricación de Pulpa Y Papel. Una correcta medición y control de la pulpa es absolutamente crucial para las aplicaciones de Pulpa y Papel. Crucial para el proceso, para la productividad y –al final del dia- la calidad del producto. Un control efectivo estabiliza los procesos, reduce variaciones minimiza tiempos muertos y libera cuellos de botella. En BTG nos esforzamos continuamente para maximizar la calidad en el control de consistencia y control de otros parámetros claves. Con 90 años de experiencia y mas de 3000 clientes en el mundo. BTG es una empresa líder en la fabricación, mantenimiento y asistencia técnica de: Transmisores de consistencia, de paleta, rotatorios, ópticos, laser; Analizadores online de freeness, numero kappa, carga iónica, retención, analizador de gases, residual de peróxido; válvulas para extracción de muestras online; válvulas de gramaje; equipos de laboratorio para medición de potencial zeta, drenaje, retención etc.