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Stock Prep.Plant

Recard can supply complete stock preparation plants (one or more lines) from 5 up to 120 Ton/day using 100% of virgin pulp and 100% highly selected waste paper. In fact Recard manufactures itself machinery such as: pulpers, double disc refiners, disc deflakers, agitating impellers, vibrating screens and so on. Recard can provide all the drawings with dimensions relevant to the foundation works of the stock preparation plant, the paper machine, the slitting rewinder and all the other accessories and equipment. In case the customer wants to use 100% waste paper of low quality, Recard will not be in position to supply the equipment and the technology but, based on long experience, is prepared to cooperate with any supplier selected by the customer in order to provide all necessary interfaces and reach the best possible result.

Recard is a typical example of a company with flexible specialisation: its ability to design and build single machines or complete systems for the production of tissue is associated with specific expertise in the design of foundations, technical building work, and machinery layout, with the aim of creating working conditions that will give the highest production efficiency.
In order to achieve the best results at the project stage, an integrated computerised design system that is constantly updated and improved provides Recard’s designers with the backup they need. For over fourty years they have been in daily contact with the reality of production in companies of all sizes working in the tissue sector, both locally and internationally.

Sobre Recard:

In an era of globalisation and internationalisation, Recard is proud of its origins and its roots in the culture of the area, just as it is proud to be Italian, or rather, Lucchese.
Founded in 1962 by the brothers Piero and Luciano Cardinotti and by Silvano Renieri, heirs to centuries-old tradition and culture, Recard is a medium-sized company which employs over seventy people and has a turnover in excess of twenty million Euro. 
Despite its industrial dimensions, Recard has been able to maintain the characteristics of an artisan workshop: deep-rooted culture and expertise, simplified organisation, direct relationships with customers, and flexible technology allow it to provide made-to-measure answers to the problems of companies of all sizes.